Hello!  Why I am doing this VLOG? It is important and I would like to show you.  A blue and white  envelope containing what is called a voting ballot.
If you haven’t received this envelope in the mail.  This means you are not registered to vote.  It’s alright, it’s fine.
What’s important that you can search the web using the words “County Elections Depts.”
A webpage will appear with a list of counties.  You can select your county for more information, see link:
You can go to election county department to complete a voter registration form.  It is not too late to register.  This is an important opportunity for you to become an eligible voter in Washington State..
 If you are not sure about what to do, you can visit the nearest Deaf Center where you live and ask for help.  Yes, you can.
If you have already received a voter ballot in the mail, that’s great.  You go ahead poll your vote unless you are not sure which candidate you want to vote for. You can check this following  link:
Some candidates? give presentations on websites with closed captions.  You can watch them and discuss this with your friends.  Please be sure to vote the candidate who strongly supports the  Deaf community and ASL.  Also, you will need to watch these presentations with careful considerations on who to vote for.
Your vote does count!  Your vote is powerful!  Your vote does matter!
 Thank you for watching this VLOG.
Please use these links: