Front row: Allie Joiner, Jeannie Davis, Brittany Iles, Joan Forshay, Kellie McComas Shapard, Amy Branson, David O. Reynolds (NAD Region IV Representative) Rear row: Maria Christianson, Stella Christianson, Larry Petersen, Robert Lictlenberg, Mike Izak, Seth Ziegler, Yes Serious, Terry Sasser, Karen Philo, James Christianson, Misty Flowers, Susan Izak


Front row: Seth Zielger, James Christianson Back row: Karen Philo, Manivanh Phaophong, Younis Del, Joan Forshay, Brittany Iles, Kellie McComas Shapard, Yes Serious, Terry Sasser, Susan Izak, Michael Izak, Connie Gough, Michael Gough, Amy Branson


“The Mission of WSAD is to promote, protect and preserve the rights and quality of life of deaf individuals in the state of Washington.”